Watch the Timber Town film on YouTube (22 minutes), made by the Commonwealth Film Unit 1972 and directed by Oliver Howes. This film reportedly depicts Mr Egidio Mulletta, a faller from Pemberton (Southern Forests Region, Western Australia), who was killed by a falling branch. 


For a perspective of life in the timber industry in the 1920's and 30's, watch this collection of documentary videos about timber getting in Western Australia by cinematographer Fred Murphy. 


The Timber Getters: Made by The National Film Board 1952. Directed by Bern Gandy. In post-war Australia, the milling of our nation's prized hardwood timbers was a rapidly growing industry. Mechanisation introduced economies in the handling, but the skill and stamina of the axe-men were still indispensable in timber-getting. This short film looks at the work of the men living in bush sawmill camps. 


Timber Getting in Western Australia. 


Among the Hardwoods


1920 Manjimup Timber Industry