The records within this page relate to those Timber Industry and Forestry workers who lost their lives in the line of duty in Western Australia, within the timber region commonly known as Southern Forests.

As stated in the Southern Forest Region Regional Management Plan 1987 - 1997 (Management Plan No.11), Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM), Western Australia (December 1987), CALM's Southern Forest Region is bounded approximately by the Blackwood River in the northwest, Muir Highway in the north-east, Albany Highway and South Coast Highway in the south-east, the Southern Ocean in the south-west and Vasse Highway in the west.

Southern Forest Region

 Southern Forest Region Map

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SurnameGiven Name/sYearPlace of DeathAgeAlias (or Reported Name)

McKENZIE ? 1978 Pemberton

HARBECK Albert Edward 1920 Bush Landing, Ellis Creek 55 Alfred John Harbeck

JAESKE Alfred 1963 Shannon River 32 Alfred Thaddeus Jaschke; Fred Jaeske

GOODING Alfred Harold 1928 Pemberton 18 Guns

TROTTA Angelo 1950 Nyamup 21

ZANNI Angelo 1927 Pemberton 47

DERILO Aniano 1999 Deanmill Ning Derrillo

BRIGIS Arnolds 1953 Kent River Bush 23 Arnold Brigis (newspaper article)

CLEVELAND Arthur Clive 1963 Shannon River 34

PERROTT Arthur John 1996 Walpole 34

NEWMAN Arthur William 1928 Pemberton 24

BEVC Benjamin 1964 Chowerup 30 Benjamin Bevic

BONOLA Bernado P. 1926 Pemberton 53 Peter

GERHARDY Berthold Henry 1958 Rocky Gully 49

FORLIN Bruno 1956 Jardee 22

McPHERSON C. 1977 Walpole 28

RUMENOS Chris Paul 1964 Dingup 23

PALMER Cyril David 1968 Deanmill 40

MONK D. 1995 Manjimup 31

KELLY Daniel Thomas 1995 Hospital - month on life support 21

GORDON Donald 1949 Palgarup Mill 26

BUCZACKI Edward 1956 Kent River 32 Edward Buezsacki

JONES Edward 1952 Rail Crossing Collins Siding

WALKER Edward Charles 1959 Nannup 40 Eric Walker

DONOVAN Edward Lewellyn 1919 Jarnadup Hospital 41 Ted

MULLETTA Egidio 1976 Pemberton 49

PARTIGLIANI Elio 1968 Nannup Mill 44 Leo

DAVIS Ernest Lawrence 1940 Springfield 35 Darby Davis

WHITE Ernest Lionel 1921 No1 State Mill 34

KERN Ernest Stanley 1936 Pemberton Hospital 36

Page 1 of 4 Results 1 - 30 of 117