The records within this page relate to those Timber Industry and Forestry workers who lost their lives in the line of duty in Western Australia in regions other than Southern Forests. Records related to deaths within the Southern Forests region can be found on the Southern Forests page.

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Order by:  Surname Year Age Given Name/s
Surname Given Name/s Year Place of Death Age Alias (or Reported Name)

BOEHM Walter Alwin 1904 Perth Public Hospital 23

BOHAN William J. 1914 Barrabup 35

BOLT William 1926 Denmark Hospital Willie Bolt

BOLTON Basil Hodgson 1923 Bridgetown 32

BOTICA Peter Nola 1945 Chidlow 48

BOWKER John V. 1920 Pindalup Mill

BRAZIER Edgar 1916 Lion Mill 63

BRINKWORTH Cuthbert William 1953 George Smith Lumber Co. Mill Greenbushes 35

BROGMUS Ernest A. 1924 6-mile bush landing, Holyoake

BRONICKI Jonas 1958 Capercup 37 Bronikis

BROWN Jesse Douglas 1937 Worsley 28 Dug

BROWN Joseph 1879 Gingin 62

BRYANT William 1907 North Dandalup 37

BRYCE James 1902 Denmark Hospital 24

BUCHOLZ Edward Walter 1971 Quindanning 39

BUCHOLZ Henry Walter 1951 Yarloop 32

BUCK Henry 1907 Argle Harry Buck (newspaper article)

BUNTER Thomas Joseph 1948 Collie Hospital 45 Joe Bunter

BURGE Roy Charles 1925 Holyoake 29 Roy "Snowy" Burge

BURNEY William 1908 Waterous timber mill

BURROWS Frank 1909 Lion Mill 36 Frank Burrowes (newspaper article)

BURUTO Thomaso 1917 Bunbury Hospital Thomas Baruto

BYFIELD George H. E. 1937 Mundaring 26

CADE Henry S. 1919 Greenbushes Henry Nicholls (newspaper article), Cade-Nicholls (Family Notices 1922)

CAIRNS Robert 1899 Yarloop 38

CARNEY John 1921 Bunbury Hospital Karney (newspaper)

CARPENTER George 1908 Yarloop

CHAMP Edward 1853 Leschenault 23 Edmund Champ

CHAPMAN Ernest Edward 1926 East Mornington 34 Chappy

CHARLES Albert 1924 Group 40, Busselton 52

Page 2 of 14 Results 31 - 60 of 402