The records within this page relate to those Timber Industry and Forestry workers who lost their lives in the line of duty in Western Australia in regions other than Southern Forests. Records related to deaths within the Southern Forests region can be found on the Southern Forests page.

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Surname Given Name/s Year Place of Death Age Alias (or Reported Name)

MAATTA A. 1995 Wellington 52

MACKENZIE Donald McRae 1904 Yarloop 35 Donald McErae McKenzie (newspaper)

MACKINNON Duncan McLeod 1890 Jarrahdale 32 McKinnon (newspaper)

MAGGS Walter 1920 Wokalup Wally Wallis

MAGUUSSEN August 1903 Worsley, Collie 57

MAHY Nicholas 1907 Canning Sawmill, Kelmscott 39

MALACARI William P. 1920 Wokalup 19

MANDRY Hyrum Reginald 1973 Collie 35

MARSHALL Charles 1897 Denmark

MARSHALL Richard Leslie 1961 Serpentine 39

MARTIN Daniel 1919 Collie Hospital

MASON Henry Sutcliffe 1929 Pinjarra Hospital 31 Harry (newspaper article)

MATHIESON Henry 1904 Dardanup 39 Harry (newspaper article)

MATTHEWS Laurence Wilfred James 1966 Jarrahdale 21

MAWAN Anait Bin 1899 Karridale 35

MAXWELL Frederick P. J. 1910 Argyle 16

MAY Roy Bradman 1963 Clackline 34

MAZZA Bortolo 1930 Yarloop Hospital 34 B. Mazzo (newspaper article)

McATEE Douglas Herbert 1922 Mornington Mills 30 McAttee (newspaper article)

McCALLUM Archibald James Valentine 1948 Tullis 72 Archie

McCLURE John 1909 Collie

McCOMBE William Herbert George 1897 Jarrahdale 21 William Burkett McCoombe (newspaper article)

McCORMACK Martin 1897 Jarrahdale 18 Martin McCormick (newspaper)

McDONALD James 1886 Jarrahdale 38

McEWAN Duncan 1924 Perth Hospital 41

McGEE William 1908 Mornington Mills

McGILL Crawford 1900 Unknown 48

McINERNEY William Rufus 1925 Collie 29

McKAY Murdock 1909 Karridale

McKENNA Henry William John 1928 Cardup 37

Page 1 of 2 Results 1 - 30 of 57