The records within this page relate to those Timber Industry and Forestry workers who lost their lives in the line of duty in Western Australia in regions other than Southern Forests. Records related to deaths within the Southern Forests region can be found on the Southern Forests page.

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Surname Given Name/s Year Place of Death Age Alias (or Reported Name)

ADAMS Edwin 1911 Worsley 23 Ned Adams - Williams

AHERN Arthur 1899 No. 6 mill, Jarrahdale 32

ALACH Marian 1932 Died on way to Bunbury Hospital 59 Marian Alack (newspaper article)

ALANDER Karl 1914 Beelar, Collie 32

ALLIA Natali 1951 Royal Perth Hosptal 30

AMBROSE John Francis 1902 Jarrahdene Mill, Karridale 37

ANDERSON Donald 1907 Wellington Mills

ANDERSON Oscar 1911 Hoffman Bush 22

ANDREWS Clifton Lucas 1915 Holyoak 35 Cliff Andrews

ANTHONY John McPherson 1951 Nanga Brook 29

ASHLEY James 1922 Nanga Brook 37

BAGELEY John 1890 Perth 61 John Bagley

BAILEY Roy 1932 Katanning 28

BAINES George 1957 Bellevue 43

BAKER William 1874 Perth Colonial Hospital 16

BAKER Thomas 1869 Perth 28

BALDWIN William 1912 Mornington Mills 28

BANKS Ronald 1956 Jarrahwood 26

BARBER Clarence Herbert 1923 Buckingham Mill, Collie Dick, Clarence Leighton (newspaper articles)

BARRETT James 1901 Waroona 23

BASSOLA Louis Arthur 1966 Jarrahdale 58

BEARDSHAW Colin 1972 Boranup 47

BEECK Hans Heinrich 1905 Worsley 26 Harry (Family Notice), Henri Beck (newspaper articles)

BENNETT Peter 1906 Yarloop 42 Peter Bennet (newspaper article)

BERESFORD David C. 1952 Padbury's Hill, South West Highway [Balingup]

BERG Carl 1908 Bunbury 47 Frank

BERRIGAN Patrick 1897 Denmark 21

BIDDLE R. I. 1972 Rosa Glen 24

BINGHAM Ivan 1979 Unknown 45

BLACKBURN Richard Gordon 1901 Denmark 22

Page 1 of 14 Results 1 - 30 of 402