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Surname Given Name/s Year Place of Death Age Alias (or Reported Name)


McGLEAN Unknown 1871 Newcastle [Toodyay]

REDMILE Elijah 1872 York 28

BROMLEY Edward 1875 Bunbury 6 Reported as Brombley (newspaper)

WESTWOOD George 1878 Wannero 57

MITCHELL William 1882 Hamelin 50

HILL William John 1884 Albany 27

YOUNG George Francis 1888 Albany 19 Fred Young, Frank Young (Newspaper article)

McBETH WIlliam 1888 Port Hamelin 21

MUNRO William 1888 Port Hamelin 26

SODERBERG Charles 1888 Port Hamelin 36

ZICOMINICH Antonio 1888 Port Hamelin 31

TAYLOR Edward 1891 Hamelin Bay 30

HUNG Ah 1894 Karridale 26 Ah Hing

COLE William 1895 Fremantle 21

HILLARD Charles Frederick 1895 Hamelin Bay 15 Hilliard

MORGAN James 1896 Lion Mill 30

GIBLETT Thomas 1897 Dingup 54

VAN HEURCH Stanley 1897 Jarrahdale 12

VAN HEURCH Arthur 1897 Hospital 14

SMITH James 1897 Hamelin Bay 40

BOWTELL Benjamin 1898 Jarrahdale (assumed) 20

SKEELS Frank 1900 Hamelin Bay 17

CARLSEN Iver 1900 Hamelin Bay 20

HAMANN George 1900 Hamelin Bay 24

AUGUSTSEN Martin 1900 Hamelin Bay 23

MENKE Elimor 1900 Hamelin Bay 27

HOURIGAN Michael 1900 Bunbury 33

REID Thomas Alexander 1903 West Collie 33 Thomas Reed (newspaper article)

HUTCHINS Frederick 1903 Collie 28 Hutchen

Page 1 of 4 Results 1 - 30 of 96