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Surname Given Name/s Year Place of Death Age Alias (or Reported Name)


HUNG Ah 1894 Karridale 26 Ah Hing

CLAYSTER Alfred Ernest 1932 Pemberton 51 Ray

MASOTTI Andrea 1926 Coolgardie

ZUPANOV Ante 1939 Lakewood 41 Zutanov

ZICOMINICH Antonio 1888 Port Hamelin 31

BOOTH Archibald 1936 Mount Barker

SHIRLEY Arthur 1912 Bunbury

VAN HEURCH Arthur 1897 Hospital 14

WISHART Arthur William 1940 Manjimup Hospital 23

BOWTELL Benjamin 1898 Jarrahdale (assumed) 20

DYER Benjamin 1939 Manjimup 33

HARRIS Charles 1908 Mount Barker 21 Claude

EVANS Charles 1910 Bunbury 50

SODERBERG Charles 1888 Port Hamelin 36

STEVENS Charles 1915 Greenbushes

TISELL Charles 1905 Nurse Egans Hospital 24 Tissel

HILLARD Charles Frederick 1895 Hamelin Bay 15 Hilliard

FERGUSON Clive 1932 Collie 13

ESPINOS Delfin 1926 Busselton Hospital 36

PIZZATTI Don 1923 Donnybrook

BRAND Donald 1944 Swan

SAWYER Dora 1914 Big Brook Mill

FLETCHER Dorothy 1923 Perth

TAYLOR Edward 1891 Hamelin Bay 30

BROMLEY Edward 1875 Bunbury 6 Reported as Brombley (newspaper)

REDMILE Elijah 1872 York 28

MENKE Elimor 1900 Hamelin Bay 27

SCOTT Elizabeth May 1910 Greenbushes 32

LEOPARD Eric 1950 Bridgetown Hospital 46

Page 1 of 4 Results 1 - 30 of 96