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Surname Given Name/s Year Place of Death Age Alias (or Reported Name)

PIZZATTI Don 1923 Donnybrook

GINGELL William 1918 Greenbushes Hospital

WATTERS Ernest 1947 Sawyers Valley Ernie

HUNDY Samuel 1907 Hearne Hill

LILLY George 1945 Morotai Boysie, Boysey (Family Notices)

ELLIOTT George 1906 Kattaning

PUGH Samuel 1912 Kattaning

ANDERSON Will 1908 unknown

BOOTH Archibald 1936 Mount Barker

SHIRLEY Arthur 1912 Bunbury

HART George 1913 Greenbushes

LINK Leonard 1946 Perth

WALDAU Harry 1908 Hopetoun Waldan August

MCROSTIE Frederick 1925 Coolgardie

SAWYER Mabel 1914 Big Brook Mill

SAWYER Dora 1914 Big Brook Mill

WINFIELD Larry 1952 Yanmah

MANCHESTER Richard 1914 Bunbury Dick

THURKLE Thomas 1929 Busselton

BRAND Donald 1944 Swan


LANGLEY George 1909 Bridgetown

STEVENS Charles 1915 Greenbushes

PERINI Frank 1906 Napier, N.Z.

McGLEAN Unknown 1871 Newcastle [Toodyay]

STEVENS Henry 1915 Greenbushes

TAYLOR Hugh 1909 Karridale

CARROL John 1919 Goldfields Jack

BALDOCK William 2005 Bridgetown Charles William

GARDNER James Lindsay 1921 Pinjarra Hospital

Page 1 of 4 Results 1 - 30 of 96