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Surname Given Name/s Year Place of Death Age Alias (or Reported Name)

ANDERSON Will 1908 unknown

AUGUSTSEN Martin 1900 Hamelin Bay 23

BALDOCK William 2005 Bridgetown Charles William

BESSELL John 1985 Boyup Brook 47

BOOTH Archibald 1936 Mount Barker

BOWTELL Benjamin 1898 Jarrahdale (assumed) 20

BRAND Donald 1944 Swan

BROMLEY Edward 1875 Bunbury 6 Reported as Brombley (newspaper)

CARLSEN Iver 1900 Hamelin Bay 20

CARROL John 1919 Goldfields Jack

CHADD Thomas 1910 Pinjara

CLAYSTER Alfred Ernest 1932 Pemberton 51 Ray

COLE William 1895 Fremantle 21

DRAGISVICH Jure 1913 Coolgardie

DYER Benjamin 1939 Manjimup 33

ELLIOTT George 1906 Kattaning

ESPINOS Delfin 1926 Busselton Hospital 36

EVANS Charles 1910 Bunbury 50

FARAC Tony 1942 Coolgardie

FERGUSON Clive 1932 Collie 13

FLETCHER Dorothy 1923 Perth

FOURACRES Ronald 2007 Manjimup 68

GARDNER James Lindsay 1921 Pinjarra Hospital

GEORGE Ralph 1926 Katanning 35

GIBLETT Thomas 1897 Dingup 54

GINGELL William 1918 Greenbushes Hospital

GREEN Leslie Maurice 1923 Manjimup 6

HAMANN George 1900 Hamelin Bay 24

HARRINGTON Phyllis 1929 Warren District Hospital 9

HARRIS Charles 1908 Mount Barker 21 Claude

Page 1 of 4 Results 1 - 30 of 96